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Calling on all our business partners to assist

Tshwane SPCA is in a critical position with their food levels, they have had a significant increase in the number of animals that have come in recently, on their list of things that they desperately need are dog pellets, cat pellets, cat litter, de-worming tablets and fresh hay for the horses and donkeys.

iMPAC will match every item that is donated by you so that we can make a difference. If you are willing to contribute, please give your food or other goods to your marketer and they will bring it to our office, we will arrange that it gets delivered to the SPCA immediately.


Thank you in advance.

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On behalf of iMPAC, we would like to thank our staff and Dealerships for their contribution towards our SPCA drive. Your food donations helps us continue in our mission and to assist the SPCA. The generous support of individuals and businesses like you makes it possible for the SPCA to exist and to help those animals in need. This iMPAC drive to help the SPCA will be an ongoing venture, and your donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your support